3-D Printed Homes Are Coming To Los Angeles

3-D Printed Homes Are Coming To Los Angeles

Southern California, and particularly Los Angeles, has faced a housing shortage crisis for many years. With affordability at an all-time low, finding low-cost and environmentally friendly solutions is critically important now more than ever. 3-D printed homes offer a viable solution that is appearing more and more viable, with the first-ever 3-D printed home recently constructed and completed in Los Angeles.

The company behind the project is Emergent, a 3-D printing construction firm based out of Redding, California. Emergent partnered with students at the Woodbury University School of Architecture, who designed the 425-square-foot home. The project is formally known as the Solar Futures House. It is the first permitted 3-D printed home in the city of Los Angeles, and took only 15 months from the beginning of the design process to completion.

The project originated as an entry to the Solar Decathalon, a national collegiate competition that focuses on designing and creating structures with an eye toward renewable energy. The home was designed with affordability and renewable energy in mind, including utilizing solar panel for energy, recycling water, and ultimately utilizing a net-zero energy design.

Additional photos and information are available on the Woodbury University and Emergent websites.

The implications of the project for the rest of Los Angeles are certainly intriguing. With affordability being a constant concern, 3-D printed homes offer an interesting alternative to traditional home building.

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