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Esquire Real Estate Brokerage is a boutique real estate brokerage formed and operated by attorneys, originally based out of Los Angeles and now operating throughout Southern California.  At Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, we strive to bring the level of service, knowledge, and expertise that is expected of attorneys to the real estate industry.  

Our attorney-brokers closely oversee every transaction to ensure that our buyer clients’ investments are protected, and to minimize potential liability for our seller clients.  We also pride ourselves in aggressively representing and negotiating for our clients, providing in-depth knowledge of local real estate markets, and deeply analyzing property values and market trends.  By combining the skill sets of experienced attorneys and seasoned real estate experts, we maximize the value of every real estate transaction we handle.

Real Estate Services We Provide

Esquire Real Estate Brokerage’s agents are equipped to handle transactions throughout Southern California. Our agents are real estate professionals with extensive knowledge about the real estate markets in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, and more. We represent clients in a wide variety of transactions, from affordable studios to multi-million dollar estates. Nothing is too big or small for us to handle.

As a brokerage formed and operated by attorneys, we are accustomed to providing service at a level that is often missing in the real estate industry. Our agents are responsive, insightful, knowledgeable, and, perhaps most importantly, pleasant and friendly. Importantly, we approach every transaction with the goals of ensuring that our clients are maximizing value while minimizing potential liability. When you are buying or selling a home, you don’t just need a salesperson, you need a consultant and agent by your side who will advocate for and protect your interests. We are here to provide those services and to guide you through what is likely one of the most personal and important transactions of your life.

Zealous Advocates Who Will Represent Your Interests

Our agents will zealously advocate on your behalf. That means we put your interests first, and we provide the highest standard of service of any industry.

Attorney-Brokers To Protect Your Investment

Our Attorney-Brokers oversee every aspect of every transaction, to minimize risk and liability on the largest investment of your life.

Life-Long Real Estate Consultants

We're not here to just help you when you want to buy or sell. We provide life-long consulting services to help plan your next move years in advance. Just one more way we assist with maximizing the benefit of your purchase and investment.

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