5 Best Trick or Treat Locations in Los Angeles

5 Best Trick or Treat Locations in Los Angeles

5 Best Trick or Treat Locations in Los Angeles

Believe it or not, real estate and the best trick or treat locations in Los Angeles go hand-in-hand.  Aside from organized events, candy maximization can be achieved by trick or treating in locations containing a high density of single family homes on small lots.  Los Angeles provides plenty of these areas, leading Zillow to rank Los Angeles as the #2 best city in the nation for trick or treating (San Francisco was #1 – you win this time Northern California).  In order to minimize the time spent on things other than collecting candy, trick or treaters will want to generally avoid commercial areas, condominium buildings, gated complexes, and any other areas that prevent direct access to doors with candy behind them.  Without further ado, here is our list of the 5 best trick or treat locations in Los Angeles.

South TorranceEsquire Real Estate Brokerage Best Trick Or Treat Locations in Los Angeles Candy

From personal childhood experience, this blogger can vouch for South Torrance.  The area just northeast of the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Calle Mayor consists exclusively of single family homes on small lots, making it easy to jump from home to home collecting candy.  It also contains a high population of young children, which typically injects a large amount of Halloween spirit into the neighborhood.  The area is always jam-packed with kids looking for loot, decorated homes, and even haunted houses.  If you’re in the South Bay, you will not be disappointed by this spot.

Santa Monica

Every year Santa Monica hosts a Halloween Hop between 3 and 6 pm on Montana Avenue between 6th and 17th Streets.  While this is a commercial area, the various boutiques, nail salons, and other “yuppy”-ish stores band together to create a safe and fun trick or treating experience for people of all ages.  For the more serious trick or treaters, the area north of Montana also contains primarily large single family homes with families waiting to give away their candy.  If you are looking for a safe area with high quality candy give-aways, look no further.

Esquire Real Estate Brokerage Best Trick or Treat Locations in Los Angeles DogDowntown Los Angeles

If you are looking to score your candy in Downtown Los Angeles, make sure to stop by the 7th Annual Halloween Party for Downtown Los Angeles, held in the Grand Hope Park at FIDM between 5 and 8 pm.  While it may not be the best area for after-hours trick or treating, this festival provides plenty of entertainment for both children and adults.  The event offers bounce houses, puppet shows, crafts, video games, hot dogs, and more, making Downtown Los Angeles one of our best trick or treat locations in Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills

The area between Santa Monica Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills is excellent for trick or treaters who are looking for Halloween decor.  While the large lots space the houses out a bit more than our other recommendations, the area also contains large sidewalks and always has a large crowd of children searching for candy.  If you’re lucky, you might even score some cash from generous homeowners along the way.

Esquire Real Estate Brokerage Best Trick Or Treat Locations In Los AngelesMid-City Los Angeles

A small, friendly neighborhood sits waiting for trick or treaters just south of Third Street and west of Fairfax.  There is normally a house party in this area, which typically disbands into large groups of children looking for candy loot. Houses are always decorated to the brim.  The spot is also close to The Grove, which allows parents to stay nearby but far enough to get some relaxation and shopping done.  Even the stores at The Grove often pick up the Halloween spirit and participate in giving away candy.

If you don’t trust our list, we recommend that you check out what Curbed and Zillow have to say about the best trick or treat locations in Los Angeles.  Keep in mind, though, that Curbed’s results are based on crowd-sourced information and Zillow’s is based on a statistical approach based on WalkScores, crime stats, population density, and housing values.  This post, however, applies decades of research (i.e. personal experience).  You can bet good money that you will not be disappointed by any of the above areas.

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