Dine LA Restaurant Week 2017

Dine LA Restaurant Week 2017

Dine LA Restaurant Week 2017

For the next nine days, Dine LA will provide diners all over LA will the opportunity to experience discounted prix fixe menus at some of LA’s finest restaurants.  This bi-annual event has been massively successful over the past nine years, and as a result of its popularity the number of participating restaurants has doubled since its inception.

What Is Dine LA?

Dine LA is a bi-annual event that takes place over 15 days, during which participating restaurants offer prix fixe menu options at discount prices.  The event is meant to encourage diners to experience restaurants, particularly expensive ones, that they would not otherwise visit.

Dine LA was started in 2008 as a marketing association run by the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board and American Express.  Its first iteration featured only 140 participating restaurants.  Now in its ninth year, the event features over 300 restaurants.

Details Of Dine LA Restaurant Week 2017

This winter, Dine LA takes place between January 13 through January 27.  During that time, participating restaurants offer discounted prix fixe menu options, with a guaranteed discount of at least 20%.  Lunch options consist of at least two courses and range from $25 to $35.  Dinner options consist of three courses and start at $29, up to $95 for the new “Dine LA Exclusive Series”.

A full list of the participating restaurants, as well as their menu and pricing options, can be found here.  According to the LA Times, 20 of the participating restaurants are on Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants List.  The list of those 20 restaurants can be found here.  The website Eater has also published a list of 20 participating “can’t miss” restaurants, linked here.

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