Dog Friendly Homeowners Insurance

Dog Friendly Homeowners Insurance

Dog Friendly Homeowners Insurance

Many homeowners (and renters) insurance providers will not insure homeowners who own a dog classified as a “dangerous breed”. Those breeds include Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Akitas, Doberman Pinschers, Wolf Hybrids, and many others. Some companies will also refuse to insure homeowners who have dogs with a history of aggressive behavior. From the insurance company’s perspective, the cost of insuring these “dangerous breeds” outweighs the potential revenue. This, of course, presents a problem for responsible homeowners and renters who have these types of dogs as part of their families.

There are, however, dog friendly homeowners insurance providers who will provide homeowners insurance regardless of the breed of dog. Those dog friendly homeowners insurance providers include State Farm, Farmers, Travelers, USAA, Fireman’s Fund, Chubb Group, and XInsurance.

Another alternative for dog owners is to purchase a canine liability policy. These policies provide extra coverage specifically for homeowners who have policies that do not cover their dogs. Einhorn Insurance Agency is one of the few insurance companies who provides such coverage. This alternative, however, is typically more expensive that simply obtaining a dog friendly homeowners insurance policy.

While refusal to provide coverage for “dangerous breeds” is a sensitive subject for many dog owners, the unfortunate reality is that homeowners insurance is a must, and so finding insurance that will provide coverage without forcing homeowners to evict their canine family members is an important issue. Thankfully, the above-listed dog friendly homeowners insurance providers understand that it is the owner, not the breed, that makes a dog dangerous, and are accordingly willing to insure those “dangerous breeds”.

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