Who We Are, What We Do, How We Do It, and Why We Do It

Who We Are, What We Do, How We Do It, and Why We Do It

Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. – An Introduction

Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. LogoWelcome to the first installment of Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc.’s weblog.  Given that this is our first post, it’s only appropriate that we tell you a bit about ourselves, including who we are, what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

Who Is Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc.?

Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. is a Los Angeles based real estate brokerage that was originally formed by attorneys who, through their legal  practice, developed an interest in pursuing careers in real estate.  Our founders became interested in real estate partly due to the significant overlap between the real estate industry and the legal profession, particularly insofar as the practice of real estate law often involves disputes arising from sales of property.  As a result, all of our deals are overseen by brokers who have an acumen for identifying potential problems in a transaction and solving them.

What Is Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc.?

Like with most other things, the internet has truly revolutionized the way people search for and sell homes.  With websites like Trulia, Zillow, and Redfin making MLS listings available to everybody, real estate agents in today’s market are required to do more than simply find listings and open doors.  In fact, many people believed that these websites would put agents out of business by providing public access to MLS listings.

In order to provide value to our clients, Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. provides service at an extremely high level that is often missing in the real estate industry, particularly in Los Angeles where the market is saturated with agents with a wide variety of experience and knowledge.  Having been trained to provide the exceptional level of service demanded by Fortune 500 companies, our founders established Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. with the goal of providing that same level of service to individuals who are, more than likely, making one of the largest purchases of their lives.  We guarantee to be responsive, insightful, knowledgeable, and, perhaps most importantly, pleasant and friendly.

To that end, we educate ourselves and provide in-depth knowledge of local markets.  As part of that service, rather than relying on computer algorithms to source data and provide average price per square foot information, we provide detailed analysis on recent sales that are truly comparable to our clients’ targeted properties in order to accurately ascertain market values.  If a property is overpriced, we will let you know rather than push you to make an offer.  If you have young children and a property’s school district is on the decline, we will make sure you know about it.  We will never, ever, push our clients to make or accept an offer that is not in your best interest.

Lastly, because our deals are supervised by brokers who have backgrounds as lawyers, we do more than simply push deals through.  Whether we are representing a buyer or seller, we make sure disclosures are in order, appropriate inspections are conducted, escrow instructions are accurate, title reports are clean, and contingencies are not lifted until our client’s demands are satisfied.  We are also equipped to challenge inaccurate appraisals and work with banks to make sure they have all the information they need to process loans.

In sum, we are more than your average real estate agent – Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. is equipped to handle and resolve any and every situation that might arise in a real estate transaction.

Why Use Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc.?

While the legal world often involves adversarial encounters, the real estate industry provides an opportunity to assist people in a constructive manner with an important step in their lives – purchasing a home.  We are here to help you, not to sell you.  In the end, our goal is to make sure you are happy with the home sale or purchase.

How Can Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. Help?

Two words: hard work.  As a service provider, Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc.’s agents are available around the clock to make sure your questions are answered quickly and accurately.

If you would like to further discuss how Esquire Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. can help you in the Los Angeles real estate market, feel free to give us a call at 213-973-9439 or send us an email at info@esquirereb.com.

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