Jean Claude Van Damme Selling $10m Mansion

Jean Claude Van Damme Selling $10m Mansion

Jean Claude Van Damme Selling $10m Mansion

Famous actor and martial-artist Jean Claude Van Damme is looking to sell his ocean-front Marina Del Rey mansion for $9.999m. The property was listed just last week

Listing and Sale History of Jean Claude Van Damme Mansion

The property was originally built in 1996 and sold for $986,000. The property was next sold in August of 2007, just before the recession, for $2.25m. Those buyers took a significant hit and offloaded the property in November of 2009 for just $1m. Jean Claude Van Damme then picked it up for $6m in July of 2012.

Description of Jean Claude Van Damme Mansion

The 6 bedroom, 8.75 bathroom, 7,574 square foot home sits on a lot off of the Grand Canal, which feeds into the Venice Canals. The home includes a professional grade chef’s kitchen, theater, wine cellar, gym, elevator, terraces and a roof-top deck, a pool, and more. Additional images are available here.

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Recent Comparable Sales and Valuation Analysis

The property is definitely one-of-a-kind, particularly insofar as the two most expensive homes to sell in the area in the last year sold at $5.25m and $5m. The most recent comparable sale was this home at 5102 Pacific Avenue. That home, which sold in November of 2014, sold at $620 per square foot. Jean Claude Van Damme’s mansion, on the other hand, is currently listed at $1,320 per square foot, almost twice as much on a price per square foot basis. While the Jean Claude Van Damme mansion aesthetically has more to offer, it may be difficult to justify the price tag. The property has been listed for only 11 days, so only time will tell whether Jean Claude Van Damme will be able to kick box his way into some serious capital gains on this home.

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