Metro Expo Line Set For May 20 Launch

Metro Expo Line Set For May 20 Launch

Metro Expo Line Set For May 20, 2016 Launch

The Metro Expo Line railway is a much-anticipated electrically powered light-rail line that will connect Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles with a commute time of 46 minutes. The project began in September of 2011 with a total cost of approximately $1.5 billion. In its most recent press release, Metro announced the project’s completion and launch date of Friday, May 20.

The highly anticipated project promises to significantly reduce traffic congestion throughout Los Angeles, particularly along the 10 freeway between Downtown and Santa Monica. Phase I of the project, which connected Downtown Los Angeles to Culver City, was completed and opened to the public on June 20, 2012. Since then, Metro has been working diligently to complete the Phase II extension of the Metro Expo Line, which will add 7 stations extending the line through to Downtown Santa Monica, with the westernmost station at Colorado and 4th Street. The below map shows the portion of the railway that is being added to the currently existing line.

metro expo line extension esquire real estate brokerage phase ii

Currently, the existing Phase I line boards approximately 30,000 people per day. Metro officials project that the extended Metro Expo Line will eventually board 64,000 people per day. Ultimately, the Metro Expo Line will not only connect Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles, but riders will also be able to connect in Downtown to other lines that travel to the South Bay, Long Beach, Hollywood, and more.

A complete map of the current Metro system, including the current Expo Line, is available on the Metro website, linked here.  A map of what the Expo Line Extension will look like is also available on the Expo Line Extension website, linked here.

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