Mold Facts, Prevention, And Removal

Mold Facts, Prevention, And Removal

Mold Facts, Prevention, And Removal

Whether mold sources are present in a potential new home is a common concern of home buyers . This article discusses why mold is a concern, how to prevent its growth, and how it can be remediated.

What Is Mold?

Molds are small organisms that are naturally found almost everywhere. They play an important role in breaking down dead leaves, plants, trees, and other naturally occurring outdoor organisms. They thrive on moisture and reproduce via tiny spores that travel through the air. The average person inhales mold and mold spores on a daily basis, and it is largely harmless.

Why Mold Is A Concern

Naturally occurring mold is typically not a concern, nor is indoor mold in small amounts. However, if it begins reproducing within a home, its spores will be released into the air where it will be more regularly inhaled. Everyone’s sensitivity level is different, but inhalation of a large number of spores can lead to health problems, including allergic reactions, irritation, asthma attacks in persons with asthma, and in some rare cases it can be toxic.

Esquire Real Estate Brokerage Mold 2How To Prevent Mold Growth

The key to mold is moisture. There are many different types of mold, but none of them will grow without moisture. As a result, the key to prevention is eliminating any sources of moisture, i.e. recurring or constant leaks. Using exhaust fans in the kitchen, venting fans in bathrooms, and air conditioners and de-humidifiers are the most common methods of preventing mold growth.

How To Remediate Mold Growth

There are many organizations that specialize in the detection and removal of mold. Small amounts can be removed without professional assistance, but the removal process can result in the spread of spores and makes its inhalation more likely, so individuals should err on the side of professional assistance. For more information on mold growth and its potential harmful effects, as well as how to remediate it, please refer to the websites for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and/or the Environmental Protection Agency .

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