The Oval District – The Beverly Hills Of Mar Vista

The Oval District – The Beverly Hills Of Mar Vista

The Oval District – The Beverly Hills of Mar Vista

The Oval District is a residential subdivision in Mar Vista that is commonly referred to as the “Beverly Hills” of Mar Vista. The area gets its literal name, the Oval District, from the oval shape created by the primary residential streets running through the center of the district. It gets its nickname, the Beverly Hills of Mar Vista, from the large lots with impressive homes bordering wide, palm tree lined streets.

Description And History of The Oval District

The Oval District is located in Mar Vista, bordered by Venice Boulevard on the north, Inglewood Boulevard on the west, Washington Boulevard on the south, and McLaughlin Avenue on the east. Two primary residential streets, Marcasel Avenue and East Boulevard, create the oval.

The Oval District was originally subdivided in 1912 and was promoted as “Palm Place, a new aristocractic suburb.” It was at that time that Wilber David Cook, Jr., a prominent landscape architect and urban planner, laid out the unique plan to create an oval shaped residential street. The tract was subdivided in 138 individual lots, each with unique shapes and dimensions. Over the next few years, the tract did not draw as much attention as the original developers and designers envisioned, and as a result ownership exchanged hands several times with very few lots being sold. It was not until approximately 1940 through 1960 that the majority of the lots began to sell and more homes were built.

Recent Notable Sales And Current Condtion Of The Oval District

Today, the Oval District is a little known, well hidden quiet suburb nestled in the middle of the busy Mar Vista area. Many residents have lived in their homes there for decades, and as a result the area has retained a historic Beverly Hills character. Recently, however, some of the older homes are being torn down and replaced with new construction, resulting in a juxtaposition between classic “mansions” and newer, modern homes.

The most recent sale in the area was on January 19, 2016 for $3.075m. The home, pictured below, was recently built in 2014, is over 4,000 square feet, and sits on a lot of almost 9,000 square feet. In addition to the 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, it has a swimming pool, a spa, an office/library, and a huge yard. Additional pictures are available here.Esquire Real Estate Brokerage The Oval District 3977 Marcasel

The most recent available property was listed on March 16, 2016, for $2.895m. The home, again pictured below, is another new construction project. Built in 2015, the 3,800 square foot home sits on 7,500 square feet, and houses 5 bedrooms, 5.25 bathrooms, several balconies, stunning city views, and an enormous yard. Additional photos are available here.Esquire Real Estate Brokerage The Oval District 4079 East

In short, the recent boom in Mar Vista has given The Oval District a breath of new life. The boom in the market has created sufficient profit margins for developers to convert older, dilapidated homes into new construction, and Mar Vista’s central location is increasingly attracting homeowners who would typically look to the Pacific Palisades or Beverly Hills. So long as the house market continues to show signs of growth, one can reasonably expect developers and buyers to continue to invest in The Oval District.

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