Santa Monica Bike Share Sponsored By Hulu

Santa Monica Bike Share Sponsored By Hulu

Santa Monica Bike Share Program Sponsored By Hulu

Santa Monica’s city council voted on the evening of October 13 to approve Hulu as the official sponsor for the Santa Monica Bike Share program. Hulu will be contributing $675,000.00 to the program, which will be used largely to fund deficits in the buildup of the program and bike helmet kiosks.

The program is set to launch in November with 500 bikes, with the green bikes displaying Hulu’s logo on their baskets and skirt guards. The bikes will be available to the public at 75 stations through Santa Monica, and several locations near Venice. A website and app will be available to allow users to locate hubs with available bikes as well as bikes that are currently in use.

The program will be supported by a pay-as-you-go option of $1.00 for every ten minutes, or monthly and yearly membership rates. Until December 31, anyone can become a Founding Member, which enables users to get a full year of bike share usage at $99. Founding members will also have the opportunity to have 60 minutes of daily riding time, a limited edition Founding Member card and a special prize offer. Details can be found at the Santa Monica Bike Share website here.

The program is part of an initiative by the City of Santa Monica to reduce emissions and also promote a “a fun, healthy and environmentally-friendly” environment. Along with the expansion of the Exposition Line, it will also contribute to efforts to reduce traffic congestion within the city, a problem that has recently magnified due to increased constructive and development.

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