Santa Monica Ballot Measure LV

Santa Monica Ballot Measure LV

Santa Monica Ballot Measure LV

One of the most divisive Ballot Measures in Santa Monica this election is Measure LV. Designed to reduce traffic congestion and stop overdevelopment of Santa Monica, the grass roots measure has garnered significant support among residents. Opponents, on the other hand, insist that it will not accomplish its intended purposes, and will only result in additional burdens on taxpayers and will actually increase traffic congestion by reducing housing developments in Santa Monica. In this article, we summarize the measure itself, who supports it and why, and who opposes it and why.

What is Ballot Measure LV?

In short, Measure LV seeks to require voter approval, in addition to City Council review and approval, before issuance of a building permit for any development in Santa Monica that exceeds two stories. Measure LV includes exceptions to the voting requirement for specific buiding types, including single unit dwellings, affordable housing projects, and senior housing projects.

The full text of Measure LV can be found here.

Who Supports Measure LV And What They Say

Measure LV was placed on the ballot by a volunteer group of approximately 300 Santa Monica residents. It is supported by a variety of individuals and organizations, including Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow, North of Montana Association (NOMA) Board of Directors, and Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City.

Proponents cite primarily to traffic congestion and overdevelopment as reasons to support Measure LV. They claim that if the measure is not passed, then the 40+ current development projects in line for permit approval from City Council will result in 50,000 additional daily car trips to Santa Monica. They further contend that overdevelopment results in a loss of 9,149 apartment rent-controlled units from the rental market each year, and that Measure LV will slow the demolition of existing rent-controlled apartments by slowing development.

The website for Yes on LV can be found here.

Who Opposes Measure LV And What They Say

Measure LV is opposed by a variety of groups, including the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Police Officers’ Association, Santa Monica Firefighters (Local 1109), Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica, Sierra Club, and more. Several prominent online publications have also expressed opposition to the measure, including CurbedLA and LAist.

Opponents of Measure LV state that the measure goes to far, particularly insofar as it will apply not only to new construction, but also potentially rebuilds, upgrades and remodels. They also claim that the measure does not accomplish its intended purpose of decreasing traffic because it would hamper any efforts to build additional housing within Santa Monica, thereby actually forcing more people to commute into Santa Monica. A full detail of the measure’s opponents concerning traffic congestion can be found here.

The website for No on LV can be found here.

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