Sixth Street Bridge Demolished In Downtown LA

Sixth Street Bridge Demolished In Downtown LA

Sixth Street Bridge Demolished In Downtown LA

During the weekend of February 5 through 7, the 101 Freeway was closed east of Downtown Los Angeles to allow for the demolition of the Sixth Street Bridge, also known as the Sixth Street Viaduct. The demolition was part of the Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project, which is expected to take nine months.

The Sixth Street Bridge, which connects the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles on the west side of the Los Angeles River to Boyle Heights on the east side of the river, was originally constructed in 1932. It extends 3,500 feet across the Los Angeles River, multiple railroad tracks, the 101 Freeway, and numerous streets. Since its construction, the bridge has become an icon of Los Angeles, and has made appearances in numerous movies and videos, including Anchorman, Grease, and Gone in 60 Seconds. In 1986, Caltrans announced that the Sixth Street Bridge was eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

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Due to a chemical reaction in the bridge’s concrete and seismic vulnerability, the Sixth Street Bridge is being demolished and replaced. The project is expected to cost $449 million, and the bridge is being replaced with a new bridge called “The Ribbon of Light”.

An eight minute time lapse of the 40 hour demolition was posted by Caltrans and can be seen below.

The new construction project is designed to include multiple parks, open spaces, community features, public art works, and much more. An animated video of how The Ribbon of Light is designed to ultimately look can be viewed below.

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