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13362 Vista Levana

Moorpark, California

Our long-time Santa Monica resident clients decided early in the year that it was time to make the move to Moorpark, and so they approached us to begin the house-hunting process.  Two months into the search, the coronavirus pandemic struck, making listings more rare and property showings more complicated to coordinate.  Before then, however, we had assisted our clients with educating themselves on different regions and property types that they liked, and so they were able to easily identify properties that matched their criteria, and we were able to shift our practices to ensure the safety of all parties involved during this uncertain and potentially dangerous time.  After identifying this fantastic single family home opportunity we moved quickly and beat out multiple offers, based largely on our in-depth knowledge of the area and our clients’ financing being in a ready-to-go position.  Our thorough inspections revealed several issues for which we obtained a credit for our buyers, and thirty days later the deal was closed.  Now our clients are the owners of this newly remodeled fantastic four-bedroom home on a giant lot of over 12,000 square feet.  Some highlights include a spacious open-concept kitchen and living room, fully paid-off solar panels that will keep our clients’ energy bill low during the hot summers, as well as a newly installed air conditioning system and water heater.  Our clients will now be able to live comfortably and watch their children and family grow for many years to come in a fantastic home and neighborhood.


13362 Vista Levana Moorpark Esquire Real Estate Brokerage
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, assisted our buyer clients with identifying and securing this fantastic four-bedroom home on a spacious lot of over 12,000 square feet.

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