Closed Transactions

14623 McCormick Street

Sherman Oaks, California

Our clients initially purchased this home on McCormick Street in Sherman Oaks in 2018, and we assisted them with that transaction. Several years later, our clients came to us with the desire to transfer the property to a purchaser they had already selected, and at a price they had already agreed upon, including a seller-carried note. This meant the client had no need for listing and marketing, but needed assistance with properly papering the transaction. We came in to assist both sides with the transaction and to ensure the transaction was appropriately handle as an arms-length deal. This entailed coordinating with attorneys, accounts, the escrow company, and the title company, as well as confirming disclosures were properly handled and the buyers had all the information necessary to consummate the purchase. A short 21-day escrow later and our seller clients are happy to have turned a profit on this property, while our buyer clients are happy with a transaction they may not have been able to find on the open market.



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