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1501 Dickson Street

Sacramento, California

This transaction speaks to the growth of Sacramento as a burgeoning metropolis. Our buyer moved from Mountain View, California to Sacramento looking for a better quality of life and more affordable home prices. While he had secured a new job in the area and had visited Midtown on multiple occasions, the buyer was unfamiliar with the differences between neighborhoods. Our agent was able to tour various neighborhoods in Sacramento with the buyer, and recommend this gem of a property in Freeport Manor on Dickson Street. The buyer had peace of mind knowing the neighborhood was top notch and that the property had a brand new roof, copper plumbing, windows, appliances, and exterior paint!  We made sure our client had a turn key experience. If you are looking to relocate to Sacramento, please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss all of the wonderful options in Sacramento!


1501 Dickson Esquire Real Estate Brokerage
Assisted our buyer client with relocating to Sacramento and quickly identified this Freeport Manor home on Dickson Street as his ideal home.

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