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1620 N. San Fernando Blvd. #37

Burbank, California

This property is another fantastic example of why pricing strategy and preparation are key when selling a property, especially in the currently volatile real estate market. We started working with our clients to prepare their home for listing in late 2022. While another property in the same complex sat on the market unsold for months, we prepared and strategized to determine the right time and list price for this unit. When the time was right, we were prepared to quickly get the property on the market, and after just one weekend of open houses we put it in escrow at list price. We then worked closely with the buyer and lender to insure a very smooth escrow process, and less than 30 days later we closed escrow. We’re now looking forward to helping our clients find their next home in the coming days.


1620 N San Fernando Blvd 37 Esquire Real Estate Brokerage

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