Closed Transactions

2400 Corinth Ave. #7

Los Angeles, California

We assisted our clients with purchasing this home in 2014 for $680,000.00.  At the time, we and our clients saw this West LA townhome-style condo as not only a great home to live in, but also a great home with investment potential due to the Metro Expo Line that was under construction at the time as well as the increasingly popular Sawtelle Japantown.  Four years later, after completion of the Expo Line and the even more popular Sawtelle Japantown, our clients decided it was time to sell and move on to a more spacious home that could accomodate their two dogs and newborn daughter.  We moved quickly to prepare the home for listing and aggressively marketed the property on social media.  After several open houses, we identified a motivated, well-qualified buyer.  This also allowed our clients to identify and purchase a nearby replacement home, which we also assisted them with purchasing.  In the end, our clients turned a profit of $165,000.00, or approximately 25%, over a period of just four years, which allowed them to purchase a beautiful new home with plenty of space for their growing family.


Corinth Esquire Real Estate Brokerage
Handled the sale of this townhome-style condo that we assisted our clients with purchasing less than four years earlier for a profit of almost 25%.

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