Closed Transactions

2768 Stone View Court

Los Angeles, California

This deal was a unique off-market transaction where our seller clients were in need of specific, limited assistance. Having already identified a buyer and negotiated the primary terms of the deal, the sellers were looking for someone to assist them with finalizing the deal and getting them across the finish line. We were happy to assist our seller clients with making sure the necessary documentation was appropriately completed in order to open escrow. We also assisted with providing advice and preparing all the necessary disclosures, overseeing inspections and the appraisal process, and coordinating with the buyer to ensure all questions were answered and deadlines were met. With tenants in place at the property and covid concerns rising with the omicron variant, the deal involved the added wrinkle of ensuring minimal disruption to the lives of the tenants. With our assistance, escrow closed as scheduled and our seller clients were able to secure a fantastic deal while selling the home off-market and avoiding the hassles of the listing process.


2768 Stone View Court

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