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3038 Field Ave.

Los Angeles, California

After patience and a long search, our clients beat out multiple other offers and ended up with this perfect home in West Adams.  Our clients first approached us in the early stages of their search, unsure about exactly where they wanted to purchase a home.  We explored several neighborhoods at varying price points in order for our clients to educate themselves about the market and different areas.  After the coronavirus pandemic occurred and our clients’ lease was coming to an end, the search for an affordable home, in a central location, and with a spacious yard became more pressing.  We were then able to focus on the West Adams area as the neighborhood that fit all the criteria for our clients.  Due to the popularity of the West Adams area, any desirable home was accompanied by significant demand and multiple offers.  After identifying the perfect home, our clients moved quickly and made a strong offer to beat out the competition and secure this fantastic home, recently remodeled and with a spacious back yard where our clients’ daughter can run and play for many years to come.  We handled escrow with our usual diligence and efficiency, and were even able to negotiate a substantial credit for our buyers to apply toward their closing costs.  This home will now undoubtedly be the perfect forever home for our clients.


3038 Field Avenue Esquire Real Estate Brokerage
Beat out multiple offers to secure this updated classic home for first-time home buyers in the hot West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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