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4969 Toronto Way

Sacramento, California

This transaction proves the virtue of patience. Our buyer was a real estate investor looking for a property that penciled out financially. The Sacramento market is extremely competitive so this was no easy task. It took over five months of searching before we came across this investor’s special. Located in a great neighborhood, this property was clearly neglected by its prior owner. However, the neglect only stretched to the cosmetic aspects of the property. Structurally, the property will need no rehab. Armed with this information, our agent used his market acumen to negotiate a purchase price below the asking price and lock in the property days before the property across the street came on market at a price $60,000 higher. Our buyer completed this transaction knowing he has built in equity once he completes his rehab. By having an agent who understands current market conditions while tirelessly scouring neighborhoods, our investor-client will walk away with a great addition to his portfolio. If you are interested in learning how your real estate purchase can contribute to your net worth, please do not hesitate to contact one of our agents.


4969 Toronto Way Esquire Real Estate Brokerage
Represented the investor-buyer of a single-family home in the Colonial Village Neighborhood of Sacramento.

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